Business Growth

Digital Sales Drive 2022 Success

Does it feel like aside from news on the pandemic and supply chain challenges, the mantra for the last two years has been digital sales? Even at the 2022 AIMExpo, “digital” was the word on everyone’s lips. Panelists stated that the bulk of powersports customers have spent significant time online researching bikes and financing before they ever set foot in the dealership. Analysts report that 90 percent of powersports sales begins online, yet nearly 85 percent complete the sale at the dealership.

If you are not using an omnichannel approach to engage the customer on the digital platform of their choice, with accurate, easy-to-navigate information, then chances are that customer will never make it to your dealership.

Train for digital sales

Engaging with a potential customer in a digital setting is very different than the dealer floor.  Understanding the customer’s needs and moving them through the sales process in a virtual platform requires certain skillsets.