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We have had some much-needed good news over the past few weeks. Parts of the United States are opening to nearly full capacity. The number of unemployed workers declined a bit as businesses brought back furloughed staff or hired new team members. Powersports has seen a burst of good news with ATV and dirt bike sales exceeding expectations. While no one is popping any celebratory champagne corks, the positive headlines are a balm to our bruised economy.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a real threat. Hot spots continue to flare, sending record numbers of people to the hospital. A large percentage of Americans are still hesitant to visit businesses in person, instead relying on the online platforms that have sustained their lives since mid-March. As a retail powersports dealer, how do you maximize your opportunities to sell vehicles?

Digital options pay off in productivity

Since we have all been forced to rely on our online tools during the shutdown, more powersports sales are taking place on digital platforms. Proactive dealers who encourage customers to use online shopping tools, including online chat, virtual test drives, trade-in valuation, and financing calculators are capturing greater returns. However, simply providing online tools is not enough to differentiate your dealership from the competition for today’s consumers.

Having a smooth, efficient, and well-documented process is the key to success and productivity. In addition to having an easy-to-navigate website, your sales and F&I teams need to exhibit the same smooth, efficient process they have in-store when completing the sales and finance process online. Your team needs to be proficient at reviewing available options, presenting the menu, and guiding customers to a decision both onsite and online.

Training pays

Whether online web classes, one-on-one sessions, or chat functions with an expert, training your staff to excel in the new normal is simply smart business. It is imperative that we recognize that the way your customers shop for a bike or ATV has changed significantly since mid-March, when the economy and the country shut down. Failing to embrace the reality of a changed economy could have a major impact on your dealership’s profitability and productivity. Between refreshing known skills to learning new ways of engaging your customer in this changing selling environment, your team needs to have the right tools to enhance your dealership’s profitability. In some situations, training will reinforce the policies and procedures your team applies to every sale. However, the transition to an increasingly digital and remote-selling process, as well as and an increase in potential fraud risks, means that the need for training on new processes is a must.

EFG’s online training modules will provide your F&I teams with the skills they need to navigate this new selling environment, and how to get past that “no”. Give your team every opportunity to close more deals at higher profits, while elevating customer satisfaction, with our in-depth, live online training on Overcoming Objections. For a limited time, you can register now to take advantage of our Introductory Offer for just $299.

The key to success as we find our new normal is to maximize every opportunity to sell a vehicle. Meet the customer where they are, communicate often, streamline processes, and keep those digital platforms engaging. With more than 40 years of experience helping dealers increase sales and F&I penetration, and drive lasting revenue gains, EFG brings the keys to success to you. Learn more about EFG and our live online F&I training here.

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