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Set Your Dealership Apart with Certified Mechanics!

Glenice Wilder Vice President EFG Companies
Contributing Author:
Glenice Wilder
Vice President
EFG Companies

Crowd-sourced review sites are becoming more and more popular. While they don’t replace the more intimate word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend, they are certainly a go-to resource for anything from a good dinner to a mechanic. And, speaking of mechanics, how do yours stack up? Do their skills set your dealership apart from the competition, or do your customers even know you have any onsite? And, if you have mechanics onsite, are they certified?

While the powersports industry does not have an official certification body, dealers still have several options to certify their mechanics.

Available Training Options

Whether you already have mechanics on staff, or are looking to hire, understand the training options that are available. There are several educational entities that offer certified training. The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute housed within the Universal Technical Institute offers several hands-on courses and partners with all of the major bike OEMs. General mechanical skills, brand-specific electives and CPO training are all available. Online courses are also available, but lack the necessary hands-on instructor component.

Some community and vocational/technical schools offer an introductory course on automotive and motorcycle engine repair. If you have this type of school in your area, visit the campus, speak to the instructor, and get a sense of the skills required for graduation.