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Building Relationships with Lenders – Part 1

Glenice Wilder Vice President EFG Companies
Contributing Author:
Glenice Wilder
Vice President
EFG Companies

Given the changing political climate, many powersports dealers are taking a “wait and see” approach to their 2017 planning. Whether you believe the market will grow or shrink, there is one area of your business you can improve – the relationship between dealer and lender.

During a recent powersports dealer conference panel, dealership owners and lenders shared their challenges when working with their counterparts. For many dealers, offering financial options is new territory. There is much to learn and every lender markets their products differently. Without a background in banking or finance, many dealer team members are uncomfortable with the financial side of the business. And then, there is the compliance minefield to consider. Compliance regulations indicate that a dealership must offer every product to every customer. If your team does not understand the F&I products themselves, explaining them to customers is challenging.

How can you bolster your relationship with your lender…and boost your financial acumen at the same time? In the spirit of bringing dealers and lenders together in the middle, I’d like to share some of the key issues and careabouts facing lenders today. Next month, I’ll address the challenges facing dealers. Then in February, I’ll talk about how both sides can meet in the middle to build a productive and financially beneficial relationship for both lenders and dealers in the powersports market.