Business Growth

Prepare for Profit in 2021

While the country is slowly emerging from the effects of the pandemic, the powersports industry started 2021 with a bang! So, what should powersports dealers do now to prepare for the coming months?

According to composite data from more than 1,650 dealerships in the U.S. that use the CDK Lightspeed DMS, revenue from new and pre-owned Major Unit Sales continued to rise 46% in the January 2021 period vs. January 2020.

There are several factors contributing to continued strength in powersports sales. Temperatures are warming, vaccine distribution is rolling out, and COVID-19 cases are trending down across much of the country. A third round of stimulus checks plus income tax returns will hit consumer bank accounts in coming months. Potentially flush with cash and improved consumer confidence, there is a good chance for steady traffic – both online and in the showroom. But will you have what these customers are looking for?