EFG Idea Tank

EFG Nation,
Throw out the antiquated notion of the employee suggestion box and join us in our commitment to:
  • making EFG more competitive in the market;
  • improving productivity, teamwork, and customer service; and,
  • continuing on our journey of making EFG the most engaged employer in the industry.
We invite you to join the EFG Idea Tank by submitting your ideas in any/all of the following three categories:
  • Revenue Generation
  • Cost Savings
  • Process Improvements
Think outside your direct responsibilities for ideas that would benefit the company as a whole.
If your idea is deemed worthy of a business case development, you will be eligible for a $250 gift card.
If your idea is implemented, you will receive a $1,000 bonus.
If you would like to submit an anonymous idea or suggestion, there’s no need to include your name. But your submission will NOT be entered in the contest.