EFG Thought Leadership

Get expert perspectives for your business from EFG's Thought Leaders

EFG Training Tips

Need a refresh on your sales and/or F&I training? Watch these quick video tips to keep your performance on track.

Common Sense Compliance

Let’s all stop with the legalese. Steve Roennau, EFG’s Vice President of Training and compliance answers your compliance and regulation questions in our Common Sense Compliance video series.

EFG Recruiting Tips

Recruiting isn’t rocket science, but it is more strategic than hiring the first person you interview. Watch our recruiting video series on how you can foster employee retention starting at the first interview.

F&I Talk Outside the Box

Listen to EFG trainers talk about everything F&I from the comfort of your smart device.

2022 Trends

See what our experts have to say about the future of retail automotive.

Market Intelligence

Use our research and market-trend infographics to make a statement at your next meeting.

Common Sense Compliance Podcast

Listen to interviews with industry experts on all things compliance in retail automotive.

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