AFIP Certification

AFIP CertificationWhy You Should Care

According to EFG Companies’ most recent client satisfaction study, compliance was deemed one of the top three most critical services EFG provides. It’s for this very reason that EFG became one of the first F&I providers to AFIP-certify its field team in 2014. With certification from the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP), EFG Companies is better able to provide those compliance services dealers rely on, like AFIP-certification training, deal jacket auditing, or one-on-one compliance coaching.

Founded in 1989, AFIP is the nonprofit, non-aligned sanctioning body for in-store sales and financial services personnel and select lender and aftermarket vendor personnel in the United States.

AFIP certification curriculum focuses solely on the federal and state laws that govern in-dealership financial services. It is the only regulatory compliance program that requires proctored exams under controlled testing conditions.

To date, 10 EFG dealer services executives are certified at the senior level, four are certified at the master level, and five are certified at the basic level.