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Boosting Auto Loan Volume Isn’t Brain Surgery.

Is Your Business Operating with Both Sides of Its Brain?

Use Your Head! Call EFG Today.

EFG Left Brain Intelligence:

      35 years of conducting lender analyses for dealers and recommending a better spread of business
      State-of-the-art technologies that connect with dealers and their customers
      CFPB compliant

EFG Right Brain Intelligence:

      Award-winning ability to anticipate dealer needs and innovate products that close business and gain you volume
      Legacy of employing, training and developing compensation strategies for F&I Managers
      History of reducing your risk and loan default rates through original programs

Improve your prognosis by offering your dealer partners EFG’s proven F&I bundle program complimentary with your auto loans.

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We Feel Your Pain!

Numb it Fast with EFG!

For quick pain relief, call EFG Companies today.

Have You:

      Recruited and developed job profiles for F&I Managers?
      Trained F&I Managers?
      Developed compensations strategies for F&I Managers?
      Worked side-by-side with F&I Managers to conduct lender analyses and recommend a better spread of business?

We Have.

And, we worked directly with F&I Managers to develop our custom auto loan bundle program just for you. With EFG, you can offer your dealer partners our extended warranties complimentary with your auto loans; empowering you to move the needle on loan volume, deepen dealer relationships, all while remaining CFPB-compliant – which never hurts.

Lean how our bundles can earn you a bundle.

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Don’t Blame Your Mother

Get Off The Couch!

Call EFG to boost your loan volume.

Have you:

      Recruited and developed job profiles for F&I managers?


      Trained F&I managers?


      Developed compensation strategies for F&I managers?


      Employed F&I managers?


      Worked side-by-side with F&I managers to conduct lender analyses and recommend a better spread of business?

We have.

EFG works with you, as your trusted partner, to enable you to increase your loan volume with a deeper understanding of F&I managers—from the inside out.
No one knows F&I managers like EFG.